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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Jcleppe, Jan 3, 2011.

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    I was out of town a couple days and was just able to check my dodmerb status. I was excited to see "Qualified"

    To all those that will be going through this in the coming months, be honest on your medical history. If you check yes to anything make sure you write a detailed explaination for each one. If you have anything you think might be a problem see your doctor ahead of time to get a "cleared for unrestricted activity and military training" letter and note in your medical file.

    Gather all the information you think you might need to explain anything that pops up.

    I had a Avulsion fracture of the hip a year and a half ago, I was woried it might hold things up and I would need a waiver. I went back and had another xray done and an evaluation, everything was great and the doctor noted the file and wrote a letter.

    When I filled out the medical history I checked yes on the bone and joint problems. I filled out the explaination in great detail and the Ortho sheet and listed everything I had done in the last year.

    My exam was very short for some reason but the doctor asked me about the hip, he asked if I had any problems with it, I said no and offered the info I had.

    In the end I did not even need a remedial and I was qualified the first time, so make sure your are proactive with things I think it helped in my case.

    Thank you dodmerb for the quick review, good luck to all of you.
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    Congrats! Our pleasure. Good luck:thumb:

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