Qualified with Academies, how is ROTC reviewed?


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Apr 9, 2017
Pardon if this is addressed, have not found it looking. DS was deemed Q'ed with service academies, took a long time to clear his remedials requested. My question: will the subsequent ROTC branches do a complete review of their own? Meaning will we be waiting for another month to hear if Q'ed? I was thinking that it would be a quick decision, as DoDMRB is charged with all of them. But its been longer than I thought it would take. He is still 'under review' after accepting NROTC. Just curious, as I understood DoDMRB, they do the qualification overall. His academies turned over to qualified at the same time.
I he is DODMERB qualified, then he is medically qualified for all commissioning sources. The only time he wouldn't be is if he received a medical waiver, then a waiver would have to been granted at each commissioning source.