Question about accept and decline


Apr 14, 2016
What do candidates do if they have offers from other academies but are on a waitlist for another? Obviously a person has to make a decision to accept or decline the ones they have but what about the waitlist. What if you are then offered a spot there? I assume this happens every year.
The candidate could in theory accept the appointment at another academy while waiting for a wait list notification. If the candidate receives an appointment from the waitlist, they could accept that offer and notify the other academy they will not be attending. Since candidates are still civilians there is no legal obligation to show up at I-Day/R-Day, but keep in mind that we don't know the waitlist situation this year. There could be 50 appointments off the waitlist or there could be none. Also, if you accept multiple appointments you are holding back other candidates that are in your situation at that other academy. Sometimes a bird in the hand if better than two in the bush.
Nap11 is correct -- a SA can't force you to show up. However, if you have an appointment in hand from SA #1 and still really want SA #2, consider whether you'll truly be happy at #1. The last thing you want to do is attend a SA that isn't a passion for you. You may well get through, but it could be pretty miserable.

The WL at USNA is very iffy b/c they historically have a very high yield rate. Could happen, but probably won't. So you need to think about SA #1 -- do you want to go there? If you do, accept and you're done. If you don't, then consider attending civilian college and reapplying to #2.
I know others will disagree but I would accept the one you have been offered and if the one you are waitlisted on gives you an offer then you have a decision, which one to accept. You have earned the right to have two offeres and the decision is yours and yours alone. As Brawny said a bird in the hand.