Question about Army OCS Waiver


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May 23, 2012

Do they give waivers to attend OCS if you have previously been disenrolled from an officer producing program? I was disenrolled from ROTC and after a lot of time and effort was able to win an appeal. I was not able to return to ROTC because during this time I enlisted. However, they were able to change my disenrollement form (DD785) to reflect a more favorable reason for disenrollement and under ROTC regulations I can reenroll into the program using the Green to Gold program.

I wish to, instead of G2G, attend OCS. I tried looking for the answer but I couldn't find a concrete answer. I found information that states I cannot, and other information that states a waiver is required.

Thank you!
I imagine it depends on whether you have a Bachelor's degree. No degree then OCS would be out of the question. With a degree G2G doesn't make sense.