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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Elrazzer, Jan 1, 2016.

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    Happy New Years everyone,

    I have a quick question concerning the application, on the last tab of the file there is the additional remarks box. I wanted to ask if would it be helpful for to annotate the resume that I attached? Or what exactly should be annotated? I'm not 100% sure about this section and I wanted to ask if anyone could help me clarify this.

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    This section is optional. If you've got something more to say, say it here.

    For the process in 2015 my DS used it to provide additional context related to his academic record, his athletic accomplishments, his community service and his leadership positions. He also added additional context on what degree he wanted, what he wanted to do in the Army, why he wanted to serve, and why he wanted to become an Army officer.
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    My DD is currently applying also, two different ROO's told her on visits to list anything outside of her personal statement or which there was simply a "box" to check. They also said "do not leave it blank." So for example a lot of her EC activities were under "other" category, so she provided that information in the space you are describing.. She also had marked things like athletic or academic awards, and she gave details on those. She was also a foreign exchange student, fluent in another language and involved in activities while oversees, she also listed those. She volunteered as a assistant dance teacher, volunteers as a buddy for kids with special needs, etc. None of these things fit inside a box, so needed explanation. As far as listing things from her resume that were already in the application like her GPA, ACT score etc., she left those off.
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    DS used the space to elaborate on a significant leadership role he had. Don't waste any space. He received a 4 year scholarship on the first board. Good luck.
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    My question is why did you submit a resume? I'm pretty sure Cadet Command didn't ask for one. That space on the last tab is the place I would provide the information that is probably on that resume, but isn't recorded in the application elsewhere.

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