Question about MEPS- can they get my medical records?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by sanandreasfreak, Nov 18, 2010.

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    I am joining the army reserve, and one of the things they want to know is the name and adress of my doctor and insurance information in addition to the yes/no answers to a whole bunch of medical questions.

    My question is, will they be able to look my medical records up and access my insurance information?

    (Not to make this look all shady, but I want to know what they will do with the information. I also had to deal with issues of identity theft a few months ago, and am not looking forward to sharing every little detail of my life)
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    First off...this is probably not the right forum to ask this question. Second...if you are joining the Army, the Army wants to make sure you are medically qualified. The Army is not an equal opportunity employer, and we don't hire people who may have conditions that disqualify them. No one can just look your medical records up, but you will probably be asked to release your medical records if there is some medical issue that the Army needs to know about. I know that in the DODMERB process when there are questions you are asked to provide your medical records pertaining to that question and you are expected to attest to the fact that you have provided all medical records.

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