Question about past medical history


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Jul 30, 2007
My Daughter will be having her medical testing in a few weeks. When she was in sixth grade a soft heart murmur was detected at her sports physical along with slight scoliosis. She recieved an echocardiogram and found to have two small leaks in valves. Our doctor said they were nothing that would affect her playing sports. Since that time no one has ever detected the murmurs or scoliosis again, not at her yearly sports physicals or by our family Doctor although he has tried to hear the murmur on numerous ocassions. He also said her spine is now strait as an arrow. How will this affect her chances and will she need extra tests. Thank You
I would have her place the information on the medical history. If the examining physician does not note a murmur or scoliosis on the exam, then at the most, DoDMERB may request copies of the medical records concerning it.

If the examining physician does note a murmur, then DoDMERB will request a new echocardiogram. If that is normal then it becomes a non-issue.

If the examining physician notes scoliosis, then DoDMERB will request a scoliosis series x-ray, to be read by a radiologist using the Cobb method. If the curvature come back within limits (it has to be a moderate curvature of the spine for a disqualification) then it also is a non issue.

As kids are growing, sometimes certain parts of the body will grow faster than others and can cause scoliosis, which as the rest of the body catches up with the growth, can then reverse the scoliosis, and same with the murmur.

If there are any other questions please feel free to let me know.