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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Markedshot, Mar 25, 2014.

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    I have a question about the ROTC program, from what I know the basic course is a 2 year no service obligation class (unless you have a scholarship). The advanced course is where you sign up for a commission.

    What are the initial entry forms for basic course (without a scholarship) and basically no service obligation?
    What forms do we fill out if possible please list all of them...

    What do i have to do in order to continue to advanced course?
    I know that most of the forms are done during the advanced course like dodmerb, social security number, dental checkup and etc. what else are there?
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    Call the ROO at your school. Take some initiative.

    Or just sign up for the class, and show up at the time listed.
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    Everybody wants to be filling out forms...There is no dental checkup for the advanced course, so starting your sentence with "I know" is probably not a good idea.

    Talk to the ROO. Each school is different. At Clarkson, I'm just happy if you show up for class. At some Battalions they are going to have you come for a week of orientation and have you fill all sorts of forms out. We'll make sure that if you are the person we want to pin a Gold Bar on that you've filled out the proper forms.

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