Question about Type 7 AFROTC Scholarship /Engineering


Jun 17, 2017
My son was awarded a Type 7 4 year AFROTC Scholarship today.
He only had average at best SAT and GPA scores (3.45 and 1260), so we were surprised.
He put in for an engineering Major.
I believe he applied for Aerospace Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering. We honestly can't remember, and I don't see that section on the portal, now that he is a winer.
Does it matter what engineering he takes in college? He wants to go to Norwich, which has mechanical and electrical engineering, but not aeronautical.
is type 7 only for Public Schools? What if the private school (Norwich) is cheaper than public schools where we live (NC). ?
Congratulations! The type of tech degree is less important than that it stays tech. Any engineering should be good. Type 7 pays no more than in-state tuition, but I believe you can use it anywhere.
While I agree with eljay60, I think you generally also need permission to change majors. Tech to tech is usually approved as long as one will graduate on schedule. Best bet is to contact cadet command on these issues. Get it from the horses mouth.
Cadet command said that he can pick any of the 18 technical majors. It doesn't matter.
If he wants to use the Type 7 at a private school, then he needs to convert it to a Type 2 - 3 year.