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    First and foremost, thank you all so much for your help and guidance over the years - your insight is invaluable! Once again, I'd like your opinion - does USAFA look favorably on re-applicants? I am applying for the class of 2021 - this is my fourth year applying to USAFA and each year I take steps to strengthen my application. Any insight into this process would be greatly appreciated!
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    Of course they do, but if I recall correctly you attended 2 yrs of Prep schools and are now at an SMC. Didn't you say back in 2014 you were given a USAFA Prep appoinmtent. Were you at Prep or were you a falcon scholarship recipient? Why did you attend a 2nd yr of prep.? Prepster and Falcon recipients typically have a higher than avg rate of getting appointed to USAFA. Thus, before I say yes that your chances are higher and if I am right you did 2 yrs of Prep, it makes me question what happened on that path to make you not extremely competitive on the 2nd time around.

    Did you just come back from SFT or are you just a rising AS200? If you are a 300 now, I would have to ask why you want to go down this path when you are so close to commissioning ? As rising 200 than it is a different story because from a commissioning standpoint for AFROTC you still have 3 more years to go.
    ~ Becareful of your answer, because in a way it is a trick.
    ~~ Are you saying that at an SMC and in AFROTC they offer inferior training. Since you are at an SMC, not a traditional college, you are basically as close to a military lifestyle as you can get. Thus, to me if the lifestyle is close enough, than it has to be the training you think is weaker.
    ~~ As an AS300 if you want to go rated than you will be meeting the board in Feb. Are you going to say it is the best way to become a pilot? If so, again everyone already knows in the rated world that is not necessarily true because the slate is wiped clean at UPT and nobody cares about your commissioning source.
    ~~ Are you saying it is about the education level? Well, than again what does that say about the 2 yrs of prep schools you attended and now the SMC's academics? Not much impo because in that scenario you were still not deemed competitive enough to get an appointment.

    If I do the math, you will be turning 21 before you arrive. 25 when you commission. Is that USAFA degree worth starting from scratch again? I am not slamming a USAFA education. I am just saying USAFA or an SMC is just 4 yrs of your life, and if your goal is to be a USAF AD officer than why are you wanting to continually putting off getting to that ultimate goal of being an officer? What exactly is it in your mind that says I will keep trying and delaying my commission just to commission via USAFA over an SMC ROTC commission?
    ~ I believe your twin went to a prep too. Is he now at USAFA as part of the class of 2019? What advice is he giving you?

    As a 4th time applicant, I think by now you know where you are short on your packet. As an SMC AFROTC cadet, I would assume you are going to go for that ROTC nom. Your CoC is your best option for true answers on where you are short. As I have stated now for me it becomes the interview questions that might sway me if I was sitting on an MOC nomination committee or if I was your CoC supporting you for a ROTC nom..

    Just me, so no hitting me with wet spaghetti noodles. JMPO.

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