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Dec 16, 2008
I recently recieved a LOA and then a nomination from each of my two senators. Do I still need to try to get a nomination from my MOC?
It depends on the type of nomination. Were you their primary or only nomination or did they put you on their list? With a LOA if you are on the list then the Academy will choose and with the LOA you would be chosen first if you are the only LOA.
I would think so. With it being competive there could be others on the list that have an LOA too. You never know what your competition has, however you are in a good position with the LOA. Perhaps someone else on the forum can give you more insight. We (my son and I) are new to this too. My son will/should be in the Class of 2013. He has an LOA and applied to all sources avilable to him.... 2 senators, 1 congressman, VP and JROTC. He received the JROTC nomiation first, but is also on our congressman's list and one of our senator's list. He probally will not get either of these because he has the JROTC nomination - but he only needs one. Also he has been called in for an interview with the other senator. He will be canceling this because he does not need to take this away from another person who does not have an appointment - this is only the right thing to do. Good luck. Go after any and all until you have the one that it take!
Hey, major congratulations on your LOA and nominations. If you were medically quallified , did your BGO interview, and completed your application, you should be getting you appointment very soon. Probably next year though.

I'm in the same boat as you, so just sit back and enjoy the ride. :cool:

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I have completed everthing, but I don't want to try for another nomination if it is the wrong thing to do. I don't want to possibly take it away from someone that needs it if i don't.
My understanding is that a nomination, regardless of the source, is a nomination and as long as your LOA is only contingent upon a nomination, you have an appointment. If I were you, I would call the CGO and make sure they have your nomination. Then, just check to be sure that you are guaranteed an appointment. Congrats!:smile: