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    Hello Everyone,

    As the school year grows closer I'm becomming more and more excited to attend The Citadel! With that, I have a few questions I've been thinking about...( I realize that most of these I will discover when I attend, but I'm just curious- and being from Iowa, I can't easily visit.)

    1. Is it random what company/ battalion group you are placed in? (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, etc)

    2. I'm considering running track for The Citadel, and joining the Boxing Team. Does compeating in sports make life more or less stressful in addition to the other marching and military excersizes i'll have to partake in?

    3. I'm interested in doing Army ROTC- will I receive different training from somone going into Airforce, or Navy? Do the uniforms vary depending on choice of branch?

    4. How is the food at The Citadel? Are you allowed to eat protein shakes, and muscle building supplements on campus?

    5. I'm VERY interested in the Ranger Challenge Team- does anyone know how competitive it is to get on the team?

    6. I know that you can leave campus on the weekends, is this for all cadets? Or just knobs? Can an upperclassman leave campus not on a weekend?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm just excited about the next year and these are what popped in my mind.
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    I suggest you send your questions to Maj. Price. He will get back with you in a timely manner.
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    First, assignment to companies is random unless you are a musician joining the Regimental Band. They will consider a request to be in a certain company if you have a family member who was in that company.

    Being on Corps Squad does lessen the stress as you are excused from drill, parades, PT, some formations and other military activities. Unfortunately some go out for sports just so they can get out of the military system, especially as knobs. Boxing is a club sport and I am not sure if it qualifies members for corps squad orders

    I thought the food was good in my day but have heard many complaints in recent years that it has gotten pretty bad since they contracted the mess hall out to Aramark. Cadets are not supposed to keep food in their barracks rooms so that makes it a challenge to use supplements like protein shakes.

    Army training is specific to the branch and includes quite a bit of PT and field training exercises that teach combat tactics. Air Force and Marine Corps students also do field training but focus on different skills. You will wear ACUs when engaged in AROTC training only, the cadet uniform at all other times.

    The Ranger Challenge Team is highly competetive, they have been the top SMC team numerous times.

    General leave is for all cadets starting Friday after parade and ending at 700PM on Sunday except when there are special events like Homecoming, Saturday Morning Inspection or football games. Knobs have very limited GL the first semester because of required duties. A pass to leave campus during the week can be obtained only for a legitimate reason such as a doctors appointment or job interview.
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    In some ways being corps squad is more difficult because of all the extra negative attention you get, but it is true that you also get out of a lot of parades, inspections, etc. I am on the track team if you have any specific questions!

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