Questions concerning knee problem


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Mar 30, 2007

My D has been running a lot to get in shape for R-day, and has overused her right knee. The MRI was negative for anything except a little fluid and inflammation. The orthopedist has put her on a series of 3 cortisone patches, and she will start PT on Monday. He has also given her a knee brace to wear to support the knee during physical activities. The diagnosis is iliotibial band syndrome. The orthopedist believes that this will not be a problem for her by July.

Does she need to report this to WP or DoDMERB? Can she take and wear her knee brace to CBT? Would she need paperwork from her orthopedist to be allowed to use it? What are the implications for her?

Thank you for any guidance.
I would notify both DoDMERB and WP about this. Gather copies of all medical records concerning this, and if your orthopedist is willing to write a letter concerning this, I would get copies of that as well.

I would also make sure that your daughter follows the physician and physical therapists recommendation as far as excercise and rest. They are the experts, and even though she may feel that she can push it, if she hasn't healed in time for R-day she may get a very big dissapointment.
Thank you RetNavyHM,

We will certainly contact both WP and DodMERB. You are an invaluable resource to all of us parents who are going through this for the first time.

My d is definitely doing everything the doctors have prescribed. Her orthopedists treat many professional athletes in our area, so he knows how important it is to get these athletes back into action.

Thanks again!
RetNavyHM or anyone else with info that can help,

My d called DodMERB to report the ITB and has received a medical disqualification in the mail. The DodMERB website now lists “Pending Waiver Submission/Review”. We have sent in copies of her orthopedist’s and physical therapist’s treatment forms that were requested. We also sent in copies of the MRI results. The cover letter also states that she will be sending more updated forms as she receives them.

She is being aggressively treated by her orthopedist and physical therapist, and is stringently following their instructions. Their goal for her was to have her running again by the end of May. She is now running for short amounts of time without pain. The physical therapist had her run yesterday for 12 minutes, and has instructed her to continue to increase her time. It doesn’t sound like much, but it shows she’s improving with treatment.

She will continue physical therapy and the stretching exercises that are prescribed. She sees her orthopedist on May 29th for a follow-up.

My d is determined to be physically fit to report on July 2nd. The letter says the waiver process is automatic, but what happens next? Will they deny the waiver based on the fact that she's still in treatment? If we keeps sending in updates, will they keep reviewing her case? Can she do anything to positively influence this waiver process? What will she need to provide DoDMERB to show she’s fit again? Is it possible to work the system in time?

Seriously anxious.
I would have her call and speak with her admissions counselor on Monday, letting him/her know exactly what’s going on, and how she is progressing. I would also have her ask fro a phone number for the waiver board (it is very possible they will not give this out, but it never hurts to ask). If she is able to get the number I would have her call them and explain as well. Since she is now in a waiver pending status all the medical information is available for the waiver board to review.

Since your daughter has been offered an appointment and has accepted, it puts her in a different light in admissions and to the waiver board. She is someone they want, and believe it or not, they will do all they can to get her to WP in July. The waiver board knows that ITB, with appropriate treatment, can be corrected and if the orthopedists note at the end of May shows improvement, then that would be a positive thing.

At this point in time communication with WP is important. DoDMERB will be forwarding information to the waiver board, but admissions will be the ones making sure the waiver board reviews the information. So make sure your daughter and her admissions counselor become close!

There is still time, so keep the positive ions flowing, and make sure your daughter doesn't over do it!

Thank you very much for your help and all the information. I’m happy to say that my daughter has received her medical waiver and will be able to report to WP on July2nd. It’s been a very stressful three weeks.

She’s still in PT. Her physical therapist is gradually increasing the amount of time she is running. She’s also doing stretching and hip strengthening exercises as well as swimming laps, pushups and situps. She is going back to her orthopedist on Wed. Now that she’s received the waiver should she still ask the dr. for treatment forms or a letter and send it/them to DoDMERB or should we leave well enough alone and wait until they ask?

Thanks again for your help and encouragement!!!
Congratulations to your daughter! Since the waiver has been granted, as long as there are no new injuries, I would just make sure she brings copies of the treatment with her to R-Day. Any new injuries would need to be reported to DoDMERB.
Dear RetNavyHM,

I just wanted to update you on my daughter. She completed Cadet Basic Training, and is now a plebe.

She flunked the first APFT given because the knee flared up as soon as she started their physical training. She was prescribed an anti-inflammatory. Shortly after the other knee started hurting, too.

By the end of Beast (they call it that for a reason) she was pretty beat up. Along with the knee problems, she had been on an antibiotic for a blister that started infecting the rest of her foot, has two black and blue toenails that she'll probably lose (probably from rubbing in the boots), multiple bruises, and peeling skin (mostly on her heels) from healing blisters.

The good thing is that because of all the ruck marches on the hills around WP, her hip muscles strengthened and she no longer has ITB problems. She passed her APFT in Aug. and is now on the Rugby team.

Thank you for all the information you gave us. You are a treasure!!!
Congrats to your daughter!! From what you've described she's really pushed herself hard to get where she is. I'm sure she'll be fine from now on, she definately has the motivation to continue!!