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Feb 11, 2008
Hi, First post here. I've looked over dozens of entries and there's some very good info here, specifically relating to some of my son's medical conditions. Based on what I've read in other posts, I think he's good on Allergies/Allergic Rhinitis and a few hosptial visits for minor bone injuries (tailbone and ankle); both injuries occurred at least a year ago...returned to normal activities within the timeframe prescribed by his physician. The Allergic Rhinitis amounts to seasonal allergies and my son was given OTC meds (Flonase, Loratadine), although no tests were ever ran to see what he's allergic to.

My two areas of concern are: when he was wrestling a few years back, he developed a possible case of infantigo (impetigo?) from contact with another wrestler. Medical visit was required to verify and subsequent one to clear for practice. Situation cleared up quickly and he's had no other issues. Second issue involves a substantial sized patch of area on his chest that was classified back in 1996 as nevus depigmentation by a dermatologist. The dermatologist's intructions back then were to make sure he wore sunblock on that area. The area has never given the appearance of flaking or itching; it has never bothered him and we never inquired about it at future hospital visits. Today, the same patch of skin looks normal, exactly like the surrounding skin.

My son has received a 4-year scholarship and his DoDMERB appointments are this week. I'm trying not to fill the role of paraniod parent here, just wanting to know of any potential surprises around the corner prior to them presenting themselves. Thanks in advance for any insight you provide.
Hi inthenavy2008,

Yeah, checked out the link you sent some time last week. We have no intention of leaving anything off (better safe than sorry), rather just want to know some things upfront.

My son has already made copies of things in his records we believed might be of issue. This also greatly assisted us in preparing the medical forms and we will have them at the ready if/when DoDMERB asks for them.
Make sure you have copies of all the medical records regarding the issues you mentioned, but hold onto them until they are requested by DoDMERB. None of the issues you mentioned should pose any problems, but DoDMERB will request the medical records.
Thanks RetNavyHM, We're only looking for some peace of mind here and I think you've satisfied that. Med appt is this Friday, and I will be sure to post anything pertinent in this message thread as I'm certain there are others who are in a position similar to my son. The best thing about seeing military doctors is there is always a paper trail; may or may not be a good thing. We'll see... Thanks again, Joe