Questions regarding eye waivers; anything more we can do?


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Mar 15, 2007
Perhaps I am an overly concerned parent, but I am getting a little anxious waiting for the word from the USNA and my daughters eye waiver.

She attended NASS, did very well, had a great interview with our BG officer and received a "Guaranteed offer of appointment" letter in October, pending her physical and political appointments. When we logged on to her Dodmerb account, we discovered someone else had logged on using her social security # and entered information that had nothing to do with our daughter. That took us almost a month to clear up.

She received an appointment/nomination from our congressman and Senator in December.

Took her physical in late December and received the DQ letter in February because of "Myopia greater than -.6 diopters". Her actual prescription is -7 in her left eye and -8 in her right.

I guess after reading what everyone else on the forum has gone through or is going through I wonder if we need to do anything else. Even though USNA is by far her #1 choice we are getting concerned other about deadlines.

I see where erbium had the dilated fundoscopic exam to determine the health of his retina, do we need to consider this? Her eyes are correctable to 20/20 with her contacts/glasses. She has healthy eyes, but should we prove this further or will we be contacted if this is necessary?

I talked to admissions last week and was told her file was being reviewed by BUMED and that the superintendent was the next step.

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Unless the waiver authority (BUMED) requests additional information, there should be no need to get any additional testing.

The wavier process can take up to 8 weeks, but I believe that BUMED has been working much quicker recently. The best thing to do right now is try to wait patiently.
Thanks for the information, tough to be patient, but it is obvious there is no other choice here.

This is a great site, Thank You.