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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by cdh50193, Jan 26, 2011.

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    When I listed the colleges for an Air Force ROTC Scholarship, I was limited to three choices. So if I put a host college as a choice, and I receive a scholarship, can I use that scholarship on its cross-town affiliate schools?

    More specifically:
    Can I list Boston University (host) but not Northeastern University and get a scholarship and use it for Northeastern?

    Reason I ask this is that I obviously have applied to a lot more than 3 colleges.
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    If Northeastern is on their list you should be able to do so. Now if NE is not on the list and only BU is, than the answer would be no.

    Again, every yr things change, and this is why as great as these forums are you should do a one on one with the dets.

    I say this especially for anyone who has the intention of doing x-town. It sounds theoretically easy, but once you have to start making your schedules as upper classman (C300 for AFROTC), many of these classes are offered less frequently and can become a scheduling issue if you have to go x-town for ROTC.

    It is easy to go to lab and than walk over to the class, not so easy if you are attending school in a congested area and now have to drive 15 minutes to get there.

    For many cadets this becomes wearing on them after doing it for a couple of yrs if the commute takes a considerable amount of time.

    Let me give an example:

    UMDCP does not have NROTC, the mids go to Gtown. There is a metro and they just hop on it, so commuting is not an issue, even though it is about 20 miles away because they are there in 25 mins.

    Now George Mason does not have AFROTC, so these cadets go to UMDCP. There is no Metro, thus they have to drive, and in the No VA area believe it or not at 6 am it is bumper to bumper traffic. Same distance, but for them it is probably a 45-60 minute commute by car.

    For these cadets they are leaving around 5 am for PT, and not getting back until about 8 am. That wears on you week after week.

    The other issue that many cadets have found is the adage out of sight, out of mind can be true. Cadets that are not at the host det/bn usually come in, do their thing and leave. Cadets that attend there tend to hang out socially in the lounges, thus, the cadre can put a name to their face faster.

    ROTC is not just about PT and lab, it is so much more, including mandatory volunteer hours and functions (dining ins,outs, and mil balls). NE might not have a football game that weekend, but BU does, and come Sunday you may be at BU cleaning up the stadium at 7 a.m. At our DS's school they do that 2x during the football season.

    Centh's DS has done very well in a x-town unit for NROTC. However, they will be the 1st to say their DS hangs out at the unit too. He attends UMDCP, thus it takes me back to my 1st point, of the ease to get to the host school.

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