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Jun 12, 2006
does the school(s) you apply to affect your chance of getting an ROTC scholarship. for example, I have automatic acceptance to Univ of Texas and want to get their if i dont get into an Academy. will applying to just UT decrease my chances of getting a scholarship? should i apply to other schools?
They do... schools are allocated X number of ROTC scholorships depending on size/size of ROTC program/academics of competing students. I believe UT has a fairly large ROTC program in comparison to other schools so i think you have a better chance then if you were to apply to a school with 1500 students. You should always apply to more than one schools. If a military carrear is what you are pursuing i suggest you try one of the SMC's (senior military colleges) such as norwich/VMI/VT/Citadel/Texas A&M etc... SMC grads are gaurenteed active duty if requested and are chosen before other ROTC grads but not before Milt. academy grads for saught after occupations.

If im not mistaken you wish to join the air force right? if thats the case i highly recommend doing all you can to attend Col. Springs or an SMC as the air force will have major downsizing in the upcoming years. Review boards will look at non SMC ROTC grads first as expendable officers, especially the underperforming.
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What he said ^

Usually the smaller the school and the ROTC program, the smaller number of scholarships they can award.
No, UT is a great school.

If you are going NROTC or MROTC, the schools you put do not affect your selection. Though if selected you will be placed in order of preference based on avaliability.

Don't put reach schools as your first choice, that is my word of advice. And don't put just senior military schools. Dependent on when you are selected will be dependent on where you are placed based on your preferences.

And ensure you apply for all 5 school choices!
AFROTC does not even take into account the school in their decision making process. It is all about the candidate.

OP you need to state which ROTC program for an answer. Each system is different, but in a way they are connected.

AROTC...scholarship tied to the school and cadet, BUT not to the intended major.

NROTC...scholarship tied like AROTC, BUT also intended major

AFROTC...scholarship tied to the cadet and major, BUT not to the school (per se)

This is why most will say NROTC is the hardest of scholarships because they have both the Army and AF aspects.