R-Day Eve Reception


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Jun 9, 2006
There will be a dessert reception at the Academy(Leamy Hall) the night before r-day for incoming cadets and their families. It is free and a great opportunity for the cadets to meet their future classmates. It will begin at 1800.
Count me in. They'll never know I'm not a Coastie Mom. I'll just show up wearing something yucky old orange and I will bring a fork.

That really is a great idea. Getting everyone hyped up on sugar will even make things more exciting for all. They won't sleep the night before anyhow... :wiggle:
That sounds good! I will probably go with my family, but we will see. Part of me just wants to spend my last hours of freedom with my parents, and not the kids who I will be spending the next 4 years of my life with. Boss, did they have something like this last year?
I know you'll be torn soccer, but keep an open mind about it some. It sounds like such fun & won't take up too much time. And its such a good opportunity to see everyone in relaxed mode and smiling. When things get tough, you can look back & grin while remembering what cookie you ate. I was teasing about the orange..... mebee.... :biggrin:
Jm you're welcome to attend...bring cookies:yllol: Soccer they did have this last year...my son went and enjoyed it. It's a jumpstart on meeting your classmates. Last year they also had a beach party but I haven't heard of that this year.