R-Day Pictures for the Class of 2012

Wow. Thanks for posting them up. I loved Chet Gorgon's for his view of landscape but the POA person/s truly caught the resolute look on some of the faces. Hate to sound all mushy & such but those kids will never know the honesty, commitment, integrity & even fear that shines through on those sweet faces. Bless them every one. Looking forward to seeing USNA & USAFA shots. I've been so enjoying the GCA few I've seen. These kids are just awesome! KP is the last to "go in"! I'll be happy when I get to see them all in total as they begin this year. GOOD LUCK YOUNG PEOPLE OF THE SA WORLD!!
Thanks so much for posting the links, Antoinette! :smile:

The smugmug gallery contains the only photo of my son that I've found in all the R-Day pics published online. It's nice to see that he got his gear and he looks good to go!
You are welcome! I hope all those New Cadets are all good to go. They are awesome.
Pointer View R-Day pictures

The July 3 Pointer View is worth the download. The R-Day pictures are on page 9 and are different from ones I have seen on the 2012 usma.edu web page. I finally found fewandproud16! The R-Day article is informative. There is also a very nice writeup of a 2012 prior service New Cadet on page 6.

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wow thank you so much for posting these up. I didn't make it this year, but my friend did and I plan on applying again! I havent fount him yet in any of these pics but Ill keep looking haha.
Hey Chrisc190, here is the link for the Cadet Basic Training (CBT) pictures of the c/o 2012:


Maybe you will find your friend in these pictures. Keep checking this site, the WP PAO will continue to add pictures here until the end of Beast.

Next year we will be looking for you in 2013's pictures! :biggrin: