R.I.P., MurfTheSurf

Like most of us, I never met him nor knew his real name. Like all of us who interacted with him on this forum, I viewed him as a treasure. Quirks? Yes, but who among us doesn't have a few. In all my interactions with him, he was informative, kind, direct, coaching. He was, as the Irish say, a gem of a gentleman. RIP and thoughts for his family.
So sorry to hear about Murf. Praying for Murf's family. He really inspired and encouraged many and will by missed!
I haven't been on this forum in ages, but knew Murf through PM, email and twitter. After not getting the usual great responses, and a lot of unanswered texts etc, I reached out to a fellow forum member and learned of his passing. For those of you new to the forum, or about ready to enter into the USNA family, I pray you find someone like Murf to go through the process with. He helped me and my plebe in innumerable ways--including the search for "Waldo" during plebe summer. He was a gem of a man and I will miss him terribly. This is my first experience with losing a "cyber friend". We exchanged tweets on Jan. 17th--the day he passed.

Love and prayers to the "Surf" family. I will never forget him and the fun we shared with the one strong bond: our kids were Mids.

Fair winds, my dear friend.
Thoughts and prayers are with Murf's family. He must be looking down from above.