re-apply after enlistement?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by mdsu, Jul 29, 2010.

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    I was wondering if USNA looks at your high school resume (athletics, academics, clubs, etc) as an enlisted applicant. I got a nomination and ultimately a TWE, which I then enlisted. Im going to serve out my four year enlistment and then reapply. Who knows, four years from now what I will do, but at the moment Im curious if they even care about what I did in high school when its 2014 and I graduated hs in 2010. Or is it mainly what you did as an enlisted man that gets you an appointment?

    Replies greatly appreciated.

    *grammar on title, "enlistment"
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    There is someone in Candidate Guidance who handles enlisted personnel who want to apply to USNA. Someone has previously posted his contact info on this forum or just contact CGO.

    BGOs don't really handle prior enlisted so I can only offer an opinion. I would think they do care about your academics in h.s. or any courses you took while enlisted. Your physical fitness will be self-evident based on your PFTs, etc. I believe they won't care much about your h.s. activities, especially after a four-year enlistment. Rather, your performance as an enlisted will be what is critical.

    However, please do follow up with the senior enlisted in CGO for complete info.

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