Re-applying as a college freshman (long story)


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Dec 11, 2014
For many years, it has been my dream to be a naval officer. I am currently a senior in high school. I went to NASS, applied for a nomination from my members of Congress, began an application for an NROTC scholarship, and in November (2016), I went through something in my life that jeopardized my commitment to the Navy. Recently, I received a nomination, and I planned to decline it so another candidate could apply. I contacted my BGO informing him of my decision, and gave him permission to email USNA to close my application. He did. I called the Congressional office that gave me my nomination, only to hear that they had no alternates, so they would leave my name on the list of nominations.
I had an epiphany that I was losing something I had striven towards for so long, and that I was abandoning trying to get into the Naval Academy in favor of something more realistic because of events in my life that psyched me out. I made a terrible mistake. Now, my resolve is stronger than ever to try again as a college freshman, or I'll regret this for the rest of my life. I will also enroll in NROTC, and re-apply for a scholarship. I have spoken to my BGO, who will support me in this despite all that's happened. I understand that this year I have lost my chance, as my application is closed and I know I will not get all my materials together by the end of the month.
I am the kind of person that does not quit when I fail, and I consider this an extreme failure on my part. However, is it even possible for the Academy to accept me in the future, as I have wavered in my commitment?
It is possible, especially if you can write about what you learned and becoming a better person/leader on your application.

I just read your older posts. If you are qualified in all areas, being a minority female, and have no one else applying to USNA in your district, you have a lot going for you.

Only you can choose what you want to do with your life. Give it your best shot and as NavyHoops always says, let the chips fall!

Best of luck!
Are you the only person in your MOC district applying? If so ask the SA to re-open your applications.

Otherwise. I think you are putting too much emphasis on having withdrawn your application. Do well in college. Do well in NROTC and reapply.
Since the application deadline remains open until Jan. 31, you should be able to re-open your file between now and then. I see no reason why you couldn't get everything done between now and then, though it will take some effort. I've had candidates complete their entire packets within a week.

I would prepare a written explanation of why you chose to withdraw your application and then re-open it as this will likely be important for USNA to know in terms of offering you an appointment -- either this year or next.

If you can't get in for this year, take the advice above and reapply next year.