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    I'm currently waiting for my offer of appointment/ rejection to the Naval Academy. I'm hoping I do get the appointment, but I like to have back up plans. This thread will be written as though I've gotten rejected and will be applying again for the class of 2018.
    A bit of background: Currently a university freshman, taking Calc III, Physics II, ASTR150, and (Army) ROTC. This year of college has been paid for by financial aid, and if I get rejected from the Academy I can't afford anymore civilian schooling because I come from a family that doesn't have much money. If I get rejected, I plan on joining (enlist in) the Coast Guard Reserve (I have a good reason for wanting to do this instead of Navy reserve even though my dream is to be a Naval Officer, please just trust me on this) and let them help me with my next year of schooling and reapply to the Naval Academy for the class of 2018. I am very confident that if I get rejected this year I'll definitely get accepted next year.
    So my question is, will I still be able to apply to the Naval Academy if I enlist in the Coast Guard Reserve? I'm aware enlisted Navy sailors can, but what about other branches? If so, how different would the application process be and what would be my first steps? And also would it end my contract with the Coast Guard?
    Absolute worst case scenario: I keep getting rejected, stay in the USCG reserve until I get my degree, finish my enlistment and go to OCS for the Navy.
    Thank you in advance.
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    This is a tough one. Unless someone on this site is CERTAIN, I suggest you contact the enlisted liaison at USNA Admissions whom I'm sure will know the answer. Best to find out BEFORE you enlist.

    Second, why do you think that, if you're rejected this year, you'll be accepted next year? No disrespect intended but the main thing that will change between this year and when you start applying will be your second semester grades and I would be surprised if they would make that much of a difference. Have you checked with USNA to find out why you received a turndown?

    Third, even if you were to enlist in the USN (and I know that's not your plan), it is not as easy as many think to apply to and be accepted to USNA from the enlisted ranks. The same must be true when trying from a sister service, assuming it's possible. If you enlist during the summer, you'll likely be in the middle of boot camp when you are trying to apply to USNA. Not sure how that's going to work out or if it's even possible.

    Finally, if you decide to enlist, be prepared to do the full tour. Don't assume that you will get into a SA as it may happen but may not.

    I don't want to spoil your dreams but I would definitely suggest you contact the USNA senior enlistedadmissions person for more information. He deals with enlisted accessions to USNA on a daily basis and thus is likely the single most informed person on the subject of what is and isn't possible/likely.

    You may want to post a version of your question on the USCGA forum. Forum rules prohibit similar/duplicate posts in multiple forums but this is a somewhat unique question and IMO it might help if the USCG folks can comment from their perspective rather than just getting views from the USN perspective.

    Good luck to you!
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    My son is a reaaplicant, this time as enlisted. He is Reserve USMC while going to college. There is a different pool for enlisted and a different advisor who is in charge of military. You would want to speak with SCPO Ephraim Maxwell in admissions. You are Army ROTC, have you tried for Army ROTC scholarship? If you did not, it is too late for this year, apps had to be in by January 31st. Application for USNA is same for enlisted, except for recommendations you need CO plus 2 other senior officers in your chain of command. Depending on where you are going to college, if you are in Reserves you can qualify for SS Montgomery GI Bill. My son is in a state college so it comes out to a little less than 1/2 tuition paid which is a help. It is one amount for all services, paid monthly and is prorated as to full time, 1/2 time, etc. Also for actual days in the month. If semester starts 3 days before end of the month, that is your allotment. Hope this helps, Good Luck and check with the advisor to enlisted at USNA, they have the answers.

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