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    Hi all, I ended up with the TWE. What are the chances of getting in the second time around?

    For some more info... I graduated honors (8 honors/5AP classes) with a 3.75 and my ACT scores are as follows-- English 29, Reading 32, Math 30, Science 25. I was a co-capitain and lettered in Varsity Track and Field as well as girls state, etc. I was accepted to Northwestern Prep on their biggest scholarship as a self-preppie but was also accepted to Colorado School of Mines. My liaison told me I would be better off at a University in ROTC, as if I can get into Mines, I will not benefit greatly from a prep school. I will be enrolled in AFROTC and will be re-applying in the meantime.

    1. What do you think are my chances?
    2. How do nominations through AFROTC work?
    3. When can I re-apply and how much of my application will I have to re-do?
    Thank you all :)
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    I won't second guess your ALO...
    (But I might not have said the same thing) :biggrin: you're off to Mines; a FINE school by the way!!! And the ROTC program; this is where most military officers come from. But that's not what you asked; you want to know whether or not you can get in the second time around.

    I received TWE's from USAFA/USNA/USMA my senior year in high school. I too received the biggie to Northwestern Prep (it was in Mound, MN back then) and also scholarships for ROTC (All 3 services). I chose to go to NWPS...and the reason was my SAT/ACT scores were NOT the best.

    Funny...yesterday cleaning out the garage and memento boxes I found all my SAT/ACT scores from 1976-1979...I graduated HS in 1978; the 1979 scores are from NWPS.

    The scores that got me in occurred at NWPS: ACT of 28V 33M 28SS 33NS

    And that's really the point of the "other" prep's: they teach you study habits, time management, and help you learn testmanship.

    So let's answer your questions in order:

    1. What do you think are my chances? NOBODY knows the answer to that question currently. I can say this with much confidence: if you change nothing, nothing will change.
    2. How do nominations through AFROTC work?
    The AFROTC folks will walk you through that process but take it this way: it's another avenue but a MUCH SMALLER group. You will need to apply to your MOC's again.
    3. When can I re-apply and how much of my application will I have to re-do?
    Start the process just like you did last year; in other words, start NOW!

    Also...your test scores...I would not sit back on those. I'm not saying they're bad/poor/not good enough...but I was and still am a firm believer that until it's just so amazing that the world says "Whoa!" You need to keep trying to score higher. In your case, as an ALO, I would recommend that you retake the ACT and focus upon getting the English above 30, and the math too. And get rid of the 25 in science if you can; something in the 28-31 range would look VERY nice there! Don't get me wrong; the 29 in english is NICE...I'm just a greedy ALO! :shake:

    Last didn't mention your CFA...I'm going to assume you did very well on it? I ask because I know USAFA "TWE'd" a bunch of candidates this cycle for CFA scores. The only person on this board that would have a clue as to how many is "intheknow" but don't ask because I'm not sure it's a releasable number. I do know...there were a bunch. So focus BIGTIME on the CFA...for women the arm/hang v pullup is a killer. If you can do 1 pullup you just beat every arm hang score in the world. If you can do 3 pullups...GOLD!!! More than that...OMG!!!

    Okay...apologies for the long-winded discussion asked. And I've never been accused of using 10 words when I could use 100... :thumb:

    USAFA '83

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