Reapply after turning down previous appt?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by thehoaxbuster, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    I started my Service Academy application process knowing that I either wanted to go to USNA or USAFA. I was under the understanding that in the nomination process, I was obligated to put identical preference rankings for each the MOCs that I applied to. I DID NOT KNOW I COULD LIST DIFFERENT PREFERENCES FOR EACH. At the time, I felt that USNA would be my first choice, so I put USNA as my top priority for my nominations (only applied for two). I got two nominations, both to USNA.

    I completed applications for both academies a while ago. But got two nominations to the same one. Also, and more importantly, I began to feel that the Air Force may be a better path for me in terms of my goals for service.

    I've now been appointed to USNA, but cannot be appointed to USAFA because both of my nominations went to Navy. I did, at the very last minute, apply for a VP nomination; I'm not keeping my hopes up for that. My dad keeps telling me that if I turn down USNA to try and reapply to USAFA next year, I will be constantly questioned as to why I did that by my nominating sources, interviewers, etc. Needless to say, he's pissed at me for second guessing my goals like this. I'm in a mental wreck. :unhappy: I know what kind of opportunity has been put before me, and how lucky I am to have it. But if I come to the conclusion that the Air Force is where I need to be, then is it foolish to not go to USNA? Furthermore, will I be rejected by nominating sources or by the Academy itself because I decided not to go to a Service Academy when given the opportunity?

    I need your thoughts. Badly.
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    Call your MOC and ask to be added to a USAFA slate. It could be that others that were nominated aren't going to be qualified in one way or another. They might have room on a slate, but if you don't ask, you won't know.
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    Ditto to what mom3boys said. It might be too late, but it's worth a shot. What's there to lose?

    One thing I think you need to ask yourself is what or why exactly do you feel as if USAFA is for you over USNA? If it's flying that you want to do, USNA has pathways for that too.

    I was kind of in your position too a while back. I was stuck between USMA and USAFA. USMA was my first choice, but my chances look(ed) pretty slim while USAFA was and is currently my best shot. I questioned myself as to why/what I wanted to do at either academy/branch and decided that there were positions in the AF that I could envision myself being in and being happy with as well as being happy while at USAFA. My parents and I also talked about it and we agreed that it was too good of a chance (for me personally) to pass up. So I've settled with USMA as my top choice still if I got in, but accepting my appointment to USAFA if I don't. You know whether or not you'll be happy at USNA and whether or not you should accept the appointment.

    However, if you do decide that USNA isn't for you and that you'll reapply, I think the big problem would be why did you suddenly change your mind. In that case, I think you could explain that you were unaware that you could have different preferences and did not receive an appointment to USAFA. Then you could tell them that USAFA was your true goal and that you decided to pass up on the USNA offer to pursuit your goal of USAFA. I've heard both sides of whether or not reapplying is good or not, but I've heard plenty more "it's good to reapply" than "they don't like people who reapply". It shows your dedicated to a goal and that you're willing to try again while risking failure.

    Best of luck.

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