Reapply or transfering, worth it?

Is transfering worth it?

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Dec 13, 2016
Is it worth it to transfer to VMI or Virginia Tech? I got wait listed on both last year then denied. They're still schools on my mind, should I stick to through 3 years at my current university or is it even worth transferring? Thanks
I see the post has had almost 100 views and no replies. I will give the first...

I have no idea... I have no way to even judge the matter or make a recommendation.... Is it worth it to YOU? Only YOU are in a position to judge your goals, desires and situation..
Do you want the immersive experience? You can reapply and transfer your credits--and still graduate in three years. Are you doing ROTC now? Do you want to improve your chances of going active duty by attending a senior service college? VMI and VA Tech have good reputations as universities in addition to the military training aspect of the school, do you want that? The application process to both schools is not terribly time consuming--it is about how you would feel about having to live a more disciplined lifestyle compared to the life style you have now. If you are happy and on a career pathway (ROTC) that you like, then it is a difficult choice. Best wishes making this decision. Again, the application process is not rigorous but there is a you might spend the weekend thinking about it--and then apply. The most you can get is hurt feelings if you are not accepted (again) or you could have the choice--which might help you make up your mind.
Why are you considering transferring to VMI? Is it for the military training. Couldn't you get that same type of experience by transferring into the VT corp of cadets, assuming that is an option.
Two VERY different schools. While military training may exist at Virginia Tech, it is only a part of the experience. Tech is a great school with a diverse offering of world-renowned engineering and agriculture programs. Great alumni network and close bonds from it's original founding as a military technical and agricultural college. Big campus, lots of students and things to do, but Blacksburg is COLD and dreary (way more so than Lexington). Great sports teams and lots of student groups, fraternities, clubs, and activities.
On the other hand, the Spartan life and the immersive/demanding military experience you'll find at VMI exists nowhere else. The academics are very demanding and the level of commitment required to make it through such a grueling experience must be there... to make it through VMI, YOU have to WANT it. Nothing else compares to the alumni network VMI graduates have, though... great place to be from!
Just one perspective: if either of these two schools has what you want over your current school (and you've got to really want it to make it through VMI) then I say GO FOR IT!
One thing to keep in mind is that if you do transfer, you will be treated as a freshmen at either school even though you are an academic sophomore. I know a few transfer students so feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
I had a few Brother Rats who were transfer students from other colleges. BLUF to reinforce others is it what you want? If you want the SMC experience then go for it but do it for you. Don't do it because it will "make accessions easier" or you think it is the only path to a commission. Neither are true and they would not be compelling reasons to make 99% of the cadets at VMI go through that experience. The other thing about VMI is it is all class based so I know a lot of guys who graduated a semester or year early and kind of regret not getting the fully experience of being a 1st Classman with their brother rats. You wont' get all the First Class Privileges as an academic senior but class junior or things like that and you'll not get the opportunity to serve in the top leadership positions in the Corps. So if you do decide to do it and can financially support it I would recommend going as a transfer but plan on staying all 4 years.