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    Congrats to all those in USNA Class of 2018 and heading for Plebe Summer tomorrow, unfortunately I'm not with you. But I know that USNA is for me, and I had a few questions about the re-application process. While I did receive a Congressional Nomination, I also received a medical DQ. However I did receive a letter from DoD-Merb to schedule an appointment to hopefully clear up my past condition of exercise induced asthma. In the fall I will be attending a civilian university with a ROTC 4-year scholarship.

    1. Can ROTC help me receive/offer a nomination source? If so, does it matter that its Army ROTC but I am applying for USNA?
    2. How much of my application is used from last year? Will I be able to use my SAT/ACT scores and teacher recs/ submit additional?
    3. Are the essays I submitted last year re-read?
    4. Will I use my GPA from my senior year of high school, as well as my class rank?
    5. For Congressional nominations do I apply to the state I'm attending College (NY) or the state I live in now/attended HS (MD)?
    6. Do I have a new BGO? If so is he/she from the state I'm attending College (NY) or the state I live in now/attended HS (MD)?

    Thanks to everyone who answers, I appreciate your time.
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    1. ROTC is another nom source but it is not an easy one, so obviously pursue all other nom sources.
    2. You can still use your SAT/ACT but not your teacher recs. You will need new ones from your college english and math teachers.
    3. I would re-write the essays....if you want it that badly, then take the time to do that.
    4. USNA will use your GPA from your first college semester. Not sure about the high school grades and how they factor in, someone else will probably chime in.
    5. MD
    6. You can keep your BGO or request another one if you think it may help to have a clean slate. Still will be from MD though I think.

    Good luck!
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