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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by nicknoodles, Apr 4, 2016.

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    I am a senior in high school and was recently rejected from the Naval Academy. I was also not given an NROTC scholarship. However I do not want to give up on my dreams. I plan on attending NC State next year to study computer engineering. Does anyone know if I can join NROTC without a scholarship? And if I can commission as an officer without a scholarship. My BGO repeatedly told me that if I got rejected to reapply, and that the SA's love reapplicants. Is this true? If anyone could give me advice on becoming a strong reapplicant I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Georgia Tech has one of the best pages describing NROTC College Program (non-scholarship enrollment).

    Regarding reapplication, ask yourself what is your main objective? If it is to become a naval officer in the shortest time possible, then go NROTC full steam ahead.

    If graduating from USNA is your primary goal in life, then by all means pursue it!

    I asked my DS, who earned an Army 3 year scholarship as a freshman, if he wanted to reapply to USNA?

    He said no, because his goal was to be a military officer as soon as he could.
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    NC State has an excellent NROTC unit and they often get together with the units at Duke and UNC. Raleigh is a great town.
    Call the unit at NC State to get specifics on how to proceed to enroll from them, course numbers you need to sign up for, etc. It'll be a great ride.
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    Great attitude! Go for it! Contact your admission counselor to find out areas needing improvements for USNA re-application package. Work and improve any weakness. My DS was advised to maintain that contact throughout process. USNA loves to see the 1-yr differences and improvements. Also, make sure your freshman year schedule somewhat duplicates a plebe's schedule in term of STEM courses.
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    Here is the web site for NC State NROTC:

    Contact the battalion and ask them what it takes to join as a College Programmer. If you look at the stats it is one of the larger battalions with 43 freshman, 16 of them are non scholarship College Programmers. It looks like a great program at a great school. Best of luck.

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