Reapplying next year and astigmatism...?

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    I applied to USMA for a spot in the class of 2019, and my file's status reached 'admissible' but, eventually, it did not work out as I received a TWE. (Medical disqualification was not the reason, however, and no waiver was requested.)

    I will be starting ROTC at a civilian college this fall and restarting the application process. My liaison has been very encouraging of my reapplying but notified me today that a source at West Point told him that my astigmatism is way over the limit, leaving me with no chance for an appointment. However, I talked to an official at Dodmerb on Friday that told me my astigmatism numbers (-3.25 and -2.50), and he said that only the -3.25 was outside of the DoD's standards (of being within -3.00). Additionally, he told me if I am a competitive candidate, WP will most likely request a waiver for me next year, i.e. the -3.25 is not so outside the standards that I can't receive a waiver.

    I relayed this information onto my liaison, and we are both confused at this point. (Also, he mentioned that the commissioning standards are different for ROTC vs USMA...? I certainly trust him for accuracy but haven't read this anywhere.)

    I have been looking for a number for the medical review department at the Academy to no avail. My liaison told me he wasn't certain if USMA would discuss my case with me since, technically, my file is now closed.

    Does anyone have any insight/experience/suggestions regarding my situation? To be so set on strengthening my file over the summer and reapplying next year only to know that I might not even have an iota of a chance is, bluntly said, devastating. Also, a determining factor in what college I attend next year will be whether being able to reapply is in the picture or not, so I am eager to know what the true status of my medical qualification/disqualification is.

    Thank you for your responses.
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    Ask these questions to your RC.

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