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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by TheCadet, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Graduated a few weeks ago, was recently denied for NROTC marine scholarship. Currently applying for College Program at Uni. Got this email recently from recruiting officer:
    So I guess this means I can go through the fun process of filling out a whole new application for NROTC while being a college programmer. Sweet. A few questions though. Should I use the same references/essays/etc I used for my first application? Won't they already have these on-file and I really need to resubmit them? Through my duel-credit courses, I already have a 4.0 on file for my uni. Before I even start attending this fall do I need to get a transcript submitted from my uni to NROTC? There is not much I can add-on to my first application, other than a few things. Slightly higher GPA, hopefully improved PFT score, etc.
    Anyone have advice? Thanks so much.
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    Given that this is a new change I'm not sure how much anyone here can guide you. You might have better results asking your questions as a reply to the email as I imagine they already have something in mind on how to proceed.

    That being said, I'd update my references to your teachers from senior year if you used your junior year teachers last go around (or at least begin to make arrangements to do so). I'd expect they'd want more recent feedback. Also, I'd rewrite your essays or at least look them over. Your a year more mature, a year more educated, and clearly can at least work in that you've enrolled in NROTC as a college programmer. I expect there is more you can add and improve upon as well. I would also expect that you're eventually going to need to provide your first semester college transcript so make sure you work your tail off in college and knock the ball out of the park on the PFT.

    EDIT: Not germane to your question but I find myself wondering how this is going to change the sideload scholarship process. My guess is it will be eliminated and replaced with this as a cost saving procedure. Or perhaps sideload scholarship applications will only apply to college sophomores when the cadre has had sufficient time to adequately assess your performance.
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    Agree with kinnem.

    Put the effort into a new, improved and revised application. You have a year's more maturity and life experiences. Use them to make your essays stronger.

    Good luck

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