Reapplying to Academy after NROTC


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May 22, 2019
Hi, so I’m a second time applicant for USNA and have accepted a full NROTC scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year. If I were to receive an appointment at USNA, will I have to repay my NROTC scholarship for the year I used it?

I asked my USNA counselor and she said she BELIEVES I would have to repay but was unsure. If anybody has been in a similar situation and could shed some light I’d be very grateful!
I don't remember that being the case - I'm 99.9% sure you don't owe anything for NROTC until the first day of your sophomore year

Especially since there are appointments available directly through NROTC
I've had several candidates reapply from NROTC and go to USNA, and have never seen the question raised. I suspect the answer is governed by the terms of your NROTC scholarship, but think it is unlikely. ( I don't know anything about NROTC scholarships, but if anything like USNA, you really arent' committed until Junior year anyway).

Is the answer to this question going to change whether you accept the NROTC scholarship, or attend USNA if admitted ? I suspect not , as even repaying 1 year of an NROTC scholarship is a pretty good deal for admission to USNA. My recommendation would be to focus on reapplying, doing well at NROTC, and deal with the issue if it arises (ie.. you get accepted to USNA next year)
I was in a similar situation last year but I had a four year AROTC scholarship. In my scholarship there was a clause that said you were not responsible to pay back the scholarship until the first day of the second year of college at the school you're using the scholarship at.
No obligation to repay until you sit for first class sophomore year. Read the paperwork carefully as this contract process is explained.
This is how my AFROTC scholarship was too, I just exited the contract with no penalties.