Reapplying to the Class of 2022


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Feb 3, 2016
Good afternoon all,

I am a college reapplicant wondering a few things about the reapplication process. For the Class of 2021, I was 3Q'd and received a nomination. However, I did not receive an appointment to 2021. I will be in AROTC as a 4-year scholarship winner and am taking classes similar to those of a plebe. Today, I opened my class of 2022 application through the Candidate Portal. What will I have to redo for this year and what will be transferred over? As of right now, the portal is empty and it appears as though I am starting over. Do I have to redo everything or is everything but the CFA and Essays copied?

Thank you all for your time, and good luck to everyone applying and reapplying.
I am also a re-applicant for the Class of 2022. It might be a little different for me since I am an AOG.

Here are the items that were transferred over to this cycle (for me):
1. Request for Academic Information
2. ACT/SAT scores
3. HS Transcripts
4. Candidate Activities Record (HS counselor/official should have filled this out last year)
5. School Official Evaluations (they have green check marks next to each name, but I will need to find new teachers this semester to fill them out)

My Candidate Personal Data Record had to be redone (took less than five minutes to fill out the online form).

The Candidate Statements/essays can essentially be copied from last year, though I definitely went over them several times and changed some things. There are three essays again, but the second one is from 2015, I believe.

The CFA will obviously have to be redone, and I think it is now mandatory for every candidate to have a video of the pushups and pullups.

Just in case you participate in any activities this Fall, there is also a form - "Supplemental Information Sheet" - for college students.

The DODMERB exam is good for two years, so if you were medically qualified last year (I assume you were because 3Q), then all you have to do is send in the "Present Health Questionnaire" to DODMERB, and you should be good to go. However, your medical portion of the application will not be triggered until you turn in your essays.

USMA is also requiring us to send in our college transcripts, ASAP after the first semester is over. That is the time that Admissions will most likely begin to review us.

Also, make sure that you are applying for nominations. At least in my state, the senators/congressman actually had my ACT/SAT scores from last year, and a couple other forms. They also requested that I send them a mid-semester progress report.

I hope this helps! Good luck in the re-applying process.