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    If I'm not accepted to USMA the first time I apply (for the Class of 2017), then I plan on attending a different college and then reapplying. In the case that I were to reapply from another college, would West Point hold more value in the fact that the college was tougher as far as curriculum or that it was a Senior Military College?

    In my case, I could either attend The University of Georgia, most likely enrolled in the Honors Program - which is very selective, and while there I could be in ROTC. Or, I could go to North Georgia College and State University and enroll in the Corp of Cadets. NGCSU does have an Honors Program, it just isn't as competitive or difficult as that of UGA.

    So, assuming that I made great grades at whichever college I attended, does anyone have any recommendations as to which one West Point would favor?
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    When your speaking of colleges of that calibre I don't think they'll care. Additionally you may be able to get a ROTC nomination. However you should be prepared to fall in love with your school and ROTC and decide to stay. I assume you are also applying for a ROTC scholarship? Oh yeah, if you end up at another school you should try to mimic a plebe year curriculum as much as possible.

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