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    Hi, so after quite the run last year (NASS, Nomination, CVW) I ended up falling short and getting the dreaded TWE at the end of April. It took me a little while to get over it, but I know this is what I want to do and am reapplying for the Class of 2018. I have a few questions, and before anyone crucifies me, I have read the sticky thread on reapplying but forgive me if any of my questions were answered in there. So here goes,

    I'm attending a 4 year university and my schedule for the fall semester is looking like this: Calc 1, Chem 1 with Lab, American Gov., and a required freshman orientation type class. Will not having an english class kill me? I have 9 credit hours for english classes due to me passing AP Lit and Lang my junior year of high school and my college adviser very strongly suggested I don't retake any english classes since I am an engineer major. I'm sure I can add an english class if it is that imperative. Also it is suggested to take a history class, will American Gov suffice for that?

    Who do college applicants usually go to for the CFA? I was thinking about either trying to talk to a personal trainer at the gym or maybe talking to someone in NROTC.

    What should I do about letters of recommendation if I am stuck in a huge class with hundreds of students? It seems like the professor would hardly know any individuals and not really be too helpful about a letter of recommendation.

    Is it too late to contact admissions about what kept me from receiving an appointment for the c/o 2017? If so, would anybody who actually knows what they're talking about (like a BGO) be willing to review my resume?

    Thank you very much!
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    A course that requires you to do some writing is really what USNA wants.

    Your BGO can do it. Or an officer, such as in NROTC. Or a college coach.

    Under those circumstances, USNA will accept a rec from your senior h.s. teachers.

    No, but do it in the next several weeks. After that, they get very busy with the new class.

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