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Received District Nomination

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by jazjar, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. jazjar

    jazjar Member

    Dec 16, 2013
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    Long time no see everyone, I posted last year at about this time (or before) asking about extra curriculars/grades/etc. for USMA and now I am 3Q'd and nominated through my local congressman (NoVA area). I guess my question is, how long is it until I receive my admissions decision, and how bad will one B on the fall semester look? (Everything up 'till now has been A's, no -'s.)
  2. mom3boys

    mom3boys 5-Year Member

    Nov 3, 2007
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    Students with B's are admitted every year.
  3. qjawls15

    qjawls15 New Member

    Jan 5, 2015
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    Appointment will be first sent to the people with completed and qualified files who is also filling up vacancy. If you are not the principle candidate, you will be placed in the National Waiting List. This process can take a while. The latest you will recieve words would be around March or April. Earliest would be February. Your B will be not considered as much if it is a hard class or you have As in other senior classes, so don't hang on by just the thread. You Have A Shot. Mr. Jazjar

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