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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by danielwhit, Oct 30, 2011.

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    So I recently started my NROTC app, and am wondering about the steps after I complete the online app (I know I should have started earlier, but I didn't have the time to commit to it and to half *** it would disappoint me and decrease my chances).
    I know an OSO will contact me at some point, I'll have to take a PFT, and I'll have to go in for an interview. Will I be notified of all the dates when these events are occurring? And did I miss any events?
    I recently had shoulder surgery to completely repair a torn labrum in my shoulder that I had torn 5 years ago and never known about it (baseball...). Will the OSO/whoever contacts me after I submit my online app understand? Or will I be tossed?
    Finally, the online application suggest that I apply to three schools with NROTC units. I don't want to put undue stress on my parents bank accounts, so I'm staying in state and I already sent in my VMI ED application. (Hopefully this isn't true,) but if I don't get a NROTC scholarship in the VMI NROTC battalion, can I still go into VMI's battalion without a scholarship?
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    Yes they will contact you ion these things. Often the PFT is scheduled to follow the interview. If you are awarded a scholarship you will be scheduled for a physical with a DoDMERB doctor. You may need to have him grant a waiver on your shoulder injury. If your not familiar with the PFT, look it up online and get in shape for it. It's different for Navy and Marine options.

    Normally I would say Yes, you can still try to get into the NROTC battalion (application required) but I don't know how
    this works at an ANCE like VMI or the Citadel.
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    Navy and Nurse Option NROTC does not involve a physical test of any kind. Marine Option applicants do a physical test, I believe it is the Marine Corps PFT (though I may be wrong). After completion of the online application, you'll meet with an officer for an interview, then sign some pieces of paperwork. After that, you'll find out your status through the website, and the paperwork to accept/decline the scholarship will arrive in the mail.

    As soon as you're awarded your scholarship, the DoDMERB process will begin. If you applied to a Service Academy and already finished the medical exams, DoDMERB will simply forward all of your materials to NROTC; you won't have to do anything.

    If your surgery is disqualifying, there's still the possibility of a waiver out there for you.
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    My daughter and I take our place alongside all other applicants and their families as we await the 2012 NROTC board decision. She completed her application, vetting and document submission along with her interview during the first week of September 2011. She began the application process in May of this year. She holds a 3.88 gpa, AP honor classes, No. 14 in grad class of 434, Swim team MVP, lettered as sophomore. Pres. of Thespian club, Honor society 27 comp ACT with 29 in math and 28 in eng. MOCK trial team and first in her grad class with 801 volunteer hours. her 1st qtr grade report lists 5 A's and a B+ (The B+ in AP calculus ) we are still sweating it as we understand the competition for a limited amount of slots. We wish each and everyone the best of luck and applaud you for the desire to serve the country we all love. It has been almost two months since her interview in Mtn. View and it almost reminds me of "Escrow" when some of you buy a home someday you'll know what I mean! She has been receiving letters from the USNA and it is frustrating as when we arrive home and there is official Navy correspondence we become keenly aware of the next moments only to be disappointed with another petition to apply to the USNA. My daughter seeks the NROTC nurse option and to that end the USNA is reserved for our men and women in the "front line" god bless them all. So here we wait, like you for a letter. best of luck to all. "Dad"

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