Recommendation for a Watch for ROTC


Jan 24, 2017
I know that time keeping/management is a key part of the military and ROTC. I will be joining the NROTC unit at RPI and I am looking to buy a good watch for my time in the unit. When I was at the Naval Academy for a visit I noticed a few mids had smartwatches (i.e. Galaxy Gear, Apple Watch). Does anyone have a recommendation?

Thank you!
Something rough and sturdy that will be difficult to break. Any Casio G-Force is an excellent choice.
What exactly are you looking for?
Analog or digital?
What sort of features do you want/need? Ex: chrono, multiple timezones, waterproof...
What sort of budget do you have?

Some cheaper recommendations would be Casio G-Shock (digital), Timex Expedition (digital and analog, there are a bunch of models), or a Casio MTD 10-10 (more dive-ey, looks a lot like a Rolex Submariner)
I agree with the others. Casio G Shock for sure. Durable, look good and last forever!!
Anything that is durable, water resistant, digital, has a stopwatch and countdown timer will serve you well.
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