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    Feb 22, 2013
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    As the end of September drawls near, I've got a couple recommendations for candidates:

    1. Start pushing to complete your application.
    2. Plan out your tests for the fall. Hopefully you have your ACT from September being sent directly to WP. SAT in October.
    3. Take the CFA. Get a mark on the wall so your entire application is complete and can be reviewed.
    4. Check your DoDMETS account. Take your medical if you haven't already, make sure there are no Remedials you need to finish up so thattheycan make a medical determination.

    Don't forget ROTC. There is usually an October deadline for their first round look (out of three possible). It's a great backup.
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    Nov 3, 2007
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    Thanks for the reminders! For parents, this is a harried time....pushing to get those MOC apps in, study for the SAT/ACT, etc, etc...can only imagine how frazzled our seniors are, dealing with all of this and the ECs and rigorous course load as well! Will be glad when app season is behind and we all just have the stress of waiting season!
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    For ROTC, the earlier you get to the board for review the better your odds - so don't fool yourself into "the deadline is next year" mentality. It is true that you may get an ROTC scholarship if you complete your application in Jan, but you are more likely to get a scholarship if you are in front of the first review board than later ones.
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    DS finished up the NOM apps last night and they are safely at the post office as of this morning. Such a relief to be finished with everything (except the 7 semester transcript of course!)! ROTC scholarship app done as well, and all college apps except one! Now, as momof3boys said, let the waiting season begin....
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    I will admit to being a wee bit jealous. We just had the BGO interview last night (for 2 hours) and this week we are collecting the DODMERB remedial paperwork and finishing up the MOC apps. I am looking forward to Nov. 1st when we have to be done (at least that is what I told that he'll get 'er done!)

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