Reconstructive Shoulder Surgery.


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May 1, 2008
About two weeks ago I had an arthroscopic bankart reconstructive surgery done for my right shoulder. I'm applying for the class that will be entering in 2009 so obviously I'm in a pretty sticky situation in a pretty short timespan. I had a question of whether I'm going to need a waiver for being certified through the DODMERB because I should be able to do full contact sports by October. Thanks.
If you had more than one shoulder subluxation you will be disqualified even though you had surgery. Now if the surgery was successful, and you have no laxity in that shoulder a waiver is very possible. Make sure that you follow the surgeon and physical therapist's advice during rehab and don't attempt to overdo it. Also don't get the shoulder re-injured during your contact sports. :biggrin:
Dang, I had the surgery after I dislocated my shoulder for the third time but it was all pretty hard stuff when it came out, two of which I was able to shove it back into its socket. And what exactly do you mean by, if the surgery was successful? Like if its shown that I gain full range of motion and better stability I can get a waiver?
A successful repair would be that you have full range of motion and no laxity in the shoulder.

The good news is that you had the repair done now and you will have time to heal before your DoDMERB physical. I would start to gather copies of all medical records from the times your shoulder subluxed till now, to include the operative report. Keep copies of all follow up visits with your surgeon as well as the physical therapists notes. After your physical examination DoDMERB will be requesting them. Do not submit them until they have been requested by DoDMERB.

Just remember, you can not force yourself to heal faster. You body will do it at its own pace. Follow the instructions of the surgeon and the physical therapist.
Alright thanks for the info I really appreciate it.