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Mar 26, 2008
I am applying for class 2013 and have a question.

I have been I read all of the discussions about applying to a service academy......

Right now the acceptance letters to the service academies are being mailed...I run cross country and track . In Cross Country the signing day is February....what do you do if you are offered a scholarship do you wait to sign until you get the letter from the academies????

From what I have read on the board some people do not hear until April or even later?????? anybody else in this possible situation????:confused:
Son was recruited athlete for Navy...offer came in January. Many do hear early...good luck!
The Service academies are not member schools of the National Letter of Intent program.
While some future academy athletes may "sign" on signing day - they are not obligated in any way.
The academies don't "Officially" notify the world of their athletes until R-Day or I-Day.

It is possible to be a recruited athlete and not hear about your appointment until later in the spring - particularly if you are not able to secure a nomination from your congressman or senator.
What I've noticed (at least in my area) is major sports (read: revenue generating) treat the appointment much more like a signing. The academy went after the kids. The students I know who have received appointments for smaller sports (but were still recruited) typically started the process earlier, went after nominations, and many initiated academy contact themselves. This may be different for many--it's just what I have experienced locally.
Yep - it is mostly symbolic. Recruited athletes can still lose their appointment. They also are not obligated contractually to play or even to show up.
Even athletes in "revenue generating" sports need to secure a nomination. If they do not then their appointment could be held up.

If you are a recruited athlete - get your paperwork done and in early. Apply for EVERY nomination that is available to you - all of your MOC's and the VP. There have been cases where recruited athletes did not receive a nomination from their congressman. This makes the situation more tenuous.
just re-read the original post -
IF you are offered an athletic scholarship at another college. You can go ahead and sign while waiting for your appointment. If you get an appointment then just notify the school you have your scholarship with and accept your appointment.
thanks just a mom.....that was bigges concern...:shake:

thanks to all for your input