Apr 30, 2017
I've recently been trying to contact my recruiter who has been very good with sending me emails back right away. I've recently sent him probably 6 emails and haven't heard back from him in a week. Everything is complete he just needs to submit everything. What should I do?
Sit there and suck your thumb. :rolleyes: Are you kidding me? Do you have a phone? Do you have a phone number? If not, I guess you wait unless you have some way to follow it up his chain of command. Keep in mind that he may be on leave, he may be out of town for training, he may have been re-assigned.. Hell he might be in Afghanistan! Sometimes you just need to be patient.

Sorry for the initial harshness but sometimes a 2x4 is in order. I'm always frustrated by these what should I do questions. When in these situations you should ask yourself some questions:
* What do you want to have happen? How do you pursue that?
* If you're going to make an error, which way do you want to err? Is it a recoverable error if wrong?
* What's the worse that can happen with any of the above approaches you plan to take? Usually it's just hearing a "No".

It seems to me it can't hurt to find out what's going on in your case either via phone or reaching up the chain of command. Just be polite and professional. It might still be a little premature, but you're the one who has to live with your decision (and besides, what's the worse that can happen?). In many cases there is no wrong decision. I think this is one of them.