Red/Green colorblindness


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Aug 11, 2006
I am applying to USMA, and my eye exam showed I am very red/green colorblind (no suprise). DoDMERB sent me "Obtain a REPEAT vivid Red/Green color vision examination". My mom called up DoDMERB to see if I was disqualified but they said I scored 3/14, which was acceptable, but they still wanted a remedial exam.
On the form they gave me for the remedial, the optometrist was only meant to check pass/fail in the vivid Red/Green color vision box. Of course, I failed, but the form didn't ask him for how many correct out of 14 or anything like that (I did better this time, 5/14).

Am I likely to be disqualified for this? I know dodmerb said my score was passable, but then why did they need to prove I was red/green colorblind again?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clarify any of this for me.

For the Army you have to be able to pass a vivd red/green color test. What your optometrist needs to do is hold up something green and something red. As long as you can tell the difference between the two you pass. If you can't tell the difference between something that is vivid red and something that is vivid green then you fail. The color plate test should not have been given again.

I would suggest going back to the optometrist and explain that to him/her and if they have questions they can always call DoDMERB to clarify what exactly needs to be done. If the form has already been sent into DoDMERB, and you actually are able to pass the vivid red/green color vision test, I would ask your optometrist to write a letter explaining why there is a difference between the two results (he/she did a color plate test rather than a vivd red/green test).

I hope this has helped to clarify this for you.
Wow! I had no idea, you're a great help. Fortunately I haven't sent the form in yet. I'll ask the optometrist to call up DoDMERB so he can find out how to give me the right test. Is there an easy way to get the another copy of the eye exam form? I don't want it to look like I tried to change my results.

Thanks a ton

You can download the form here:
If you still have the letter from DoDMERB I would make sure you take that with you to your optometrist. If your optometrist still wants to call, have him/her call 719-333-3562, at the first menu select option #1, at the second menu option #1. This will get to the Army section and they can explain the test.
ok, I passed it! I haven't sent in anything to DoDMERB yet, but do you think this means I won't need a waiver for my color deficiency?

If you passed the vivid red/green test then you will be good to go for USMA, and USMA only.