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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Pkirk618, Sep 24, 2012.

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    My son is just about complete with his application minus the physical which is next week. Just for kicks, do they offer LOAs without having the physical?

    My son has pres/sdvet nom.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Read scoutpilot'sthread on Important Updates for Class of 2017 Applicants. My son and attended a USMA Admissions brief this weekend. COL MacDonald, head of admissions, was there and she said very few LOAs will be handed out and only 150 LOEs have been mailed out thus far. Definitely no rolling admissions. Also learned that there are currently 4600 cadets and they have to get down to 4400.
    DS also has a Presidential Nom ( husband Class of '77 retired) but was advised there are approximately 650 applicants with same nomination and only 100 from that pool will be given appointments. Our RC was also there and he said to apply and pursue all nominations until we have appointment in hand.
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    Not sure if you mean the DoDMERB exam or the physical fitness test (CFA), but either way, one can receive a LOA without either completed.
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    My son is in the Class of 2015. He said they had been officially told that the 4600 current Cadets must be reduced to 4400 by law (Congress dictate) before the end of the academic year. I believe that many people who have dicipline problems or academic failures will not get the normal 2nd and 3rd chances - they will be seperated.

    Cadets who are in good shape academically and do not do dumb things have nothing to worry about. Only the bottom 5% of Cadets need to be concerned.

    Admissions has officially said that the Class of 2017 would be about 1200 cadets. I do not believe they will take more than 1150 - just my opinion.
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    Same thing told to the parent club reps in two different presentations (Admissions & BTD) at the leadership conference this spring.

    Exact quote: "Significantly reduced tolerance for screwing up", "elimination of 2nd & 3rd chances", and then the comment on bottom 5%.

    Pretty much everything they mentioned has happened (Firstie separations, MAPS non-offers, etc)

    This happening at the same time as record applicants= "More competition for appointments then ever before" (COL from admissions)

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