Regardless of faith (or not) group...

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Sep 27, 2008
Sending my fellow SAF posters and lurkers a virtual gift of the House Gingersnaps, which are in full production as I write. I am grateful for so much in my life, and when the holidays roll around and we celebrate Christmas, I think of everyone who has touched my life, regardless of faith (or not) group.

Here's some text to go with the photo:
Warm ginger, rich Vietnamese cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla and an aromatic underlayer of nutmeg, cloves and a hint of cayenne perfumes the air. Slightly crunchy to the bite, growing crisper as they cool. Fabulous with a cup of steaming tea, your favorite cup o' joe, a mug of Belgian hot chocolate or hot spiced cider. One could also pair with an offering from the Sixteen Men of Tain.

Just rewarded myself with the afore-posted glass of milk and a cookie or three. DH is a happy camper too.
Here's the original recipe. I always make something once by the book, and then I mess with it. I tripled the ginger, adjusted other spices and added cayenne. I add apple pie or pumpkin pie spice to the rolling sugar. I always make these for friends and family when everything else is done. Reliably good for the last 10 years now. I make an octuple batch.
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These are our son's favorite cookies. At Christmas, I roll half in red sugar and half in green sugar. I sent 50 of each color to him two weeks ago to share with his friends. When we picked him up Sunday, I asked him how he liked the cookies. He said he didn't know he had a package, so he never went to pick it up. :( He'll eat them when he gets back; these are crispy cookies which, to boys, means they never go stale.