Register for 8th semester dual credit after appointment or no?


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Apr 9, 2017
I have looked around, and it’s my understanding that there wouldn’t be any benefit to DS, who has accepted his appointment, registering some of his 8th semester AP classes with our dual credit college. And paying for that registration. That his classes from high school are recognized as classes, but that transcripts for the same class, from the college, aren’t necessary. Do I understand this correctly? Obviously if he still needs civilian plan B for some reason, there is a transfer benefit. But that there isn’t a college transfer benefit to the USNA.

The registration deadline is soon. We have always signed up (and paid) for them as they transfer into our civilian plan B at a significant $$ savings. But now that he has accepted his appointment, is that no longer necessary?? He isnt dropping the class. But any benefit to paying for dual college credit?

Along the same thought process...what are opinions about actually taking 8th semester AP tests post-appointment? Any reason DS can’t enjoy his last semester a little more and not sit for the exams?
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I personally wouldn't buy the credits if you've got an appointment because as you say, they aren't of any value at the Academy. Definitely take the AP exams though. Don't stress about them but good scores could potentially help you validate courses at the Academy.
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If you decide to do the dual college credit, it will only benefit plan "B".

Course validation is immediate with AP/IB test scores only.
For all other "college level experience elsewhere", there is the possibility of taking a test to "test out" of the class, but it's not a given.
DS needs to a score "4" on AP tests to validate some classes, and scores of "5" to validate others.

I went ahead & paid for the dual enrollment since you never know what may happen before I-day.

I thought of it as insurance!

May never use the credits since he’s almost through with plebe year but did get a small tax credit out of it last year.
Department chairs (with the concurrence of professors) decide validation of college courses taken elsewhere, including whether tests are required. The course validation posted on the website is not necessarily the end all be all. It's just that AP/IB scores posted are pre-determined to result in validation without further action.
To further clarify: does USNA look at college transcripts (which are generated from a dual credit, NOT actually attending college) and decide whether to give credit?

I understand that a certain AP score is accepted for certain classes. But does USNA evaluate the college transcript? Do they even request it for a direct appointment?

I also understand the “test out of” placing. I am thinking it would maybe even make the most sense to take placement tests and be placed accordingly, no matter dual credit or not [emoji848]
Perhaps not for appointment, but we're talking about validation here. Admissions has no hand in validation.

Let me put it in a different light. Midshipman goes on exchange to USAFA. Just because he attended a USNA-sponsored program, and USAFA is an accredited university, does not mean his credits will magically transfer over. An evaluation of the curriculum (syllabus, textbook used) and coursework (homework, projects, lab reports, other deliverables) will be made, and if that is not sufficient, a final exam may be administered. Otherwise, the credits might end up as elective credit (if the course has academic merit, but does not meet USNA requirements for a certain core or major course) or as no credit, with a note entered into the comments of the transcript documenting completion. There may be caveats, like credit awarded for the lecture section of a course, but the MIDN will have to take the lab section at USNA. The departments will determine this, and the Dean will approve it. Pre-approved arrangements (e.g. AP/IB test scores) exist.