release from ROTC contract for SA? Need a ROO!


Jan 23, 2017
Hi all!

I've posted this on the SA board, but figured I could probably get better help here.

I'm currently a freshman on a 4 year AROTC scholarship planning to apply for the co 2023 at the Air Force Academy. Long story short, I did not apply for the co 2022. I am aware I would have to start over at USAFA, but this is something I have thought a lot about and have decided that 6 years of schooling, while long, will be worth it for this opportunity.

What I'm wondering is IF I were to get an appointment, how would this deal with my *Army* ROTC service obligation? I will have completed both my freshman and sophomore years at my civilian college, meaning I will have incurred a service obligation. If I get an appointment to USAFA, would I be released from my obligation?

Thank you SO much!
Yes, if you receive an appointment to a service academy you will be released from your AROTC contract and will not have any obligation to the Army. You should talk with your cadre about this so they know what your plans are, you shouldn't need a ROO from this board since you already have one in your battalion.