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Nov 28, 2007
Hi, I'm a mom in distress and here is my issue:

My son completed his medical exam and based on his responses on the medical history form, DoDMERB is requesting a few administrative remedials. Upon receiving & revewing his medical records for his seasonal allergies, the ENT doctor noted his condition as sinusitis and allergy rhinitis. We thought he just had seasonal allergies so the line items on his medical history for sinusitis and allergy rhinitis were marked NO, however the seasonal allergies item was marked YES. His allergies commenced Sept 2005 and ceased Feb 2006. During that time, he took medicine for about two weeks in Oct 2005 and then again for a couple of weeks in Feb 2006. He hasn't had any problems since.

I am worried because the medical history form was completed as honestly as possible and the details were not intentionally omitted. Will this negatively affect my son's application? How can we rectify this?
Just an update... I emailed DoDMERB and received a reply.
Could you let us all know what DoDMERB stated?

From my experience during my time at DoDMERB when something such as this happened it was not viewed negatively. And when the parents or the applicant came forward and stated the error it was appreciated.

The reviewers and physicians at DoDMERB realize that the applicants (and parents) have no medical background (in the majority of cases), and the physicians do not always explain everything that they place in the medical records. So as long as you let DoDMERB know as soon as you find out it should not be an issue.
Per DoDMERB - seasonal allergies, allergic rhinitis, and sinusitis all fall under the same category. An occasional sinus infection is normal and is not a concern. They are more concerned if the sinus infection occurs frequently, qualifying it as a chronic condition. They requested that my son completes the allergy questionnaire so they can get a better view of his condition. They also noted that the honesty is appreciated.

My son has the medical records and the questionnaire ready for their review, however, in light of all of this, he also has an appointment with the ENT specialist to follow up on his condition. His last visit was February 2006 and he hasn't had any signs or symptoms of allergies. Is this a good idea or is he getting ahead of himself? Should he just send in the medical records and questionnaire and then wait until they request more information? We moved in July 2006 and the ENT doctor is in our old town which is about an hour away. We don't mind making the drive as long as it will help his case.
Its good to see that the folks at DoDMERB are still using some common sense!

My suggestion would be to hold off on the ENT work up at this point in time. If he hasn't had any issues for a year and a half I don't believe there will be an issue with DoDMERB. If you still want to go through with the appointment that is fine, but I would hold onto the workup until you see what DoDMERB comes up with after reviewing the medical records and allergy questionnaire.