Remedial Question


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Oct 6, 2007
My son logged on to the DODMERB website and found that he had a remedial requesting an x-ray for scoliosis (222.00). Scoliosis has never ben mentioned/diagnosed in his medical records and from what we can tell, was not even mentioned on his medical form sent in to DODMERB. Should I call to question why this remedial was requested before I make an appointment for the doctor.

Any info appreciated.
Feel free to contact DoDMERB. The only reason DoDMERB would request the scoliosis series is the examining physician mentioned it on the physical examination.
Something close to this happened to my son. We are military family and my son went for a yearly sports physical. The doctor wrote on my son's physical and record that he had scoliosis. (he also told my son that he was 40lbs over weight). We were floored and he said he had a hump (I couldn't see it). He was not an Active Duty Dr. but a civilian who I had a hard time understanding (thank you tricare :mad: )

This was the begining of his junior year and we knew he would be applying to SAs and ROTC. The short of it was we ended up going to a pediatric othro at Walter Reed. The Dr. WR was great, told us that he never had scoliosis. At age 17 it would have been noticed at least 5 years early and this guy was clueless. He wrote in his record 3 inches high NO SCOLIOSIS and told us that we were NOT to check history of since he never had it. Also told my son was not 40lbs over weight, just very fit.

He shook my son's hand as we left and wished him luck with his applications (he was a WP grad). So most likely you just had a bad Doc.