Remedial sent to wrong place


May 1, 2017
Found out today that the physician who re-evaluated DS for a remedial faxed the results to Concord. (She was his physician for his original physical) she must have thought remedials went to the same place. Concord won’t pass it on to DODMERB will they? Any advice ?
That’s the proper place. Concorde needs to see the paperwork to process the payment, so the doc gets paid. They will forward to DODMERB.
IMHO do not put your faith in Concorde alone.

For DS' remedial I had physician's office give me a copy of results and I scanned / emailed [and snailmailed hardcopy] to DoDMERB directly.
[Note: we elected to use our family pediatrican for remedial test since Concord provider was 90 mile round trip. Paid copay etc etc out of pocket; this was not a major concern to me but of course realize is to others.]

DS received remedial notice after Thanksgiving so I hustled the exam in before Xmas to avoid unknown but almost certain delays.