Dec 26, 2015
What do I do there aren't any explicit instructions that I can find. My dodmerbtricare says that I need to send in paperwork regarding headaches I had in middle school. Do I just call my doctors office and ask for copies? And where do I mail them to? Looking everywhere on the site to figure it out. Do I upload them?
Remedial codes This is what the code means.

Provide copies of all medical and surgical records regarding $

DOES NOT REQUIRE A PHYSICIAN'S APPOINTMENT: Please provide copies (NOT ORIGINALS) of ALL treatment and/or hospitalization records REGARDING $ $$ , to include ALL applicable inpatient and outpatient records including, but not limited to, VA disability/examination records, DD Form 214, operative reports, anesthesia records, pathology reports, follow-up visits, rehabilitation records, recovery room records, x-ray reports, etc.

If you were only treated by your Doctor, then request all your records regarding the diagnosis and treatment of your headaches. If other physicians, hospitals, etc were involved you will want to gather those records also.

FYI, here is the DoD standard for Headaches and migraines:
e. History of headaches (784.0), including but not limited to migraines (346) and tension headaches (307.81) that:
(1) Are severe enough to disrupt normal activities (such as loss of time from school or work) of more than twice per year in the past 2 years.
(2) Require prescription medications more than twice per year within the last 2 years.

f. Migraine (346) or migraine variant (346.2) associated with neurological deficits other than scotoma. g. Cluster headaches (339.0).